Volans: a Committed Modernist

Kevin Volans studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mauricio Kagel in Cologne and later became Stockhausen’s teaching assistant. While in Cologne, he and his colleagues explored the idea of cross-fertilizing different musical traditions (i.e. African and European), to arrive at a new musical perception - a bit like "introducing an African computer virus into the heart of Western contemporary music." He concentrated on the interlocking techniques, shifting downbeats, the energy and the joy in traditional African music, while he eschewed bringing "exotic instruments" into Western music. Sticking to homemade harpsichords, along with the whooping, nasal sound of the viola da gamba, he experimented with new techniques and new aesthetics. Jump up to the 21st Century, where the South African-born, Irish-based composer Volans considers himself "a committed modernist," and on this New Sounds, we'll hear some of his recently recorded works.

PROGRAM #2724, with Kevin Volans (First aired on Fri. 10-12-07)





Kevin Volans

Hunting: Gathering

White Man Sleeps, First Dance [4:30]

Black Box #1069 * www.sanctuaryclassics.com *

Private recording

String Quartet #9, Shiva Dances, excerpt [6:00]

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White Man Sleeps, Mbira, et al

White Man Sleeps, Third Dance [6:00]

Cala United #88034 www.rockian.biz/cala

Private recording

Chakra, finale [2:00]
Joining Up the Dots [9:00]
Piano Etude #1 [7:00]

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