Revelation: Music Meet Math

Guest Michael Harrison presents "Revelation," a major work for piano in the alternate tuning system known as "just intonation." Today, rather than referring to a specific historical tuning, "just intonation" represents an almost infinite variety of tunings which are based upon the principles of whole number ratios. (Like how an octave is a 2:1 ratio, where the higher note vibrates twice as fast as the lower note.) When certain complex ratios are used in "just intonation" -like the 64:63 ratio that Harrison has used in "Revelation" - the music shimmers with exotic resonance, or depending on your viewpoint, phase-shifts, beats, and bends unsettling tones between the notes of the scale that our Western ears might not be used to. On this new recording of "Revelation," Harrison uses his "harmonic piano," where it is possible to play 24 notes per octave. Just listen to the results on this New Sounds.

PROGRAM #2723, with Michael Harrison (First aired on Wed. 10-10-07)





La Monte Young

The Well-Tuned Piano

The Gamelan Chord, excerpt [2:00]

Grammavision 5 CD set, out of print. But see for info

Michael Harrison


Homage to La Monte [5:30] Tone Cloud II [9:00] Carillon [6:30] Tone Cloud III [5:00] Finale [5:00] Tone Cloud IV, excerpt [2:00]

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