Big Works, Big Ideas

Relatively small excerpts from relatively large-scale works fill this New Sounds program. We'll hear from David Borden's 12 part musical cycle, nearly 3 hours long - "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint." Dubbed the "Goldberg Variations" of minimalism, Borden mixes strict counterpoint with dense textures and high energy electronics. Also, we'll listen to a portion of Michael Gordon's 52 minute monster, "Trance," whose layers of short riffs and noisy phrases start to feel like a dangerous multi-car pileup on the freeway. Plus, listen to some of the ginormous 4 hour work by Philip Glass, his "Music in Twelve Parts," from a new live recording by the composer himself and the Philip Glass Ensemble to celebrate his 70th Birthday year.

PROGRAM #2720, "Big Works, Big Ideas" (First aired on Thursday, 10/05/07)





David Borden & Mother Mallard

The Continuing Story of Counterpoint 9-12

Part 10 [17:00] The Passage of the Divine Bird [3:00]

Cuneiform #16*

Michael Gordon


Trance 3/4 [14:00]

Argo #455 662 out of print, but re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released as #CA21018 * * OR *

Philip Glass

Music In Twelve Parts

Part 8 [18:30]

Available only as a download at iTunes info at*