New Music for Guitar

Listen to music for guitars, acoustic and electric, and sometimes both on this New Sounds, including a bit from guitarist Andy Bole from a reissue of his 1984 “Ramshackle Pier.” Bole is a fret-whiz, adeptly handling bouzouki, mandolin, and Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar with the greatest of ease. Also, we’ll hear Stewart Wallace’s - “Blind Woman Hashkiveinu,” a bit from a larger piece called “Skvera for Electric Guitar and Orchestra,” which takes a refrain from the Hashkiveinu and repeats it over and over again, each time more aggressively. Written for the guitarist Marc Ribot, the work was inspired by a trip to Skvera, the shtetl Wallace’s grandparents left at the time of the Russian revolution to come to America. Plus, music from guitarist/composer Michael Nicolella’s release “Shard” and more.

PROGRAM # 2823, Music for Guitar, from Classical to Electronica (First aired on Wed. 7-16-08)





Michael Nicolella


Toccata & Fugue [6:30]

Gale #004

California Guitar Trio


Tubular Bells [8:00]

Inner Knot #7716 ***

Andy Bole

Ramshackle Pier

Resophonics I [3:00]

Ad Hoc #05 OR download from

Marc Ribot


Wallace: Blind Woman Hashkiveinu [5:30]

Private CD. Not commercially available. Information at

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

I Can’t Wait for Winter [2:30]

Isota SODY027
OR (in Russian)

James Blackshaw

Litany of Echoes

Past Has not Passed [12:30]

Tompkins Square #1783 **

Nick Schillace

Landscape And People

Ching-Chong [4:00]

Burly Time #003