"Found" Sounds

From the New Sounds Live concerts at Merkin Hall, The Curiously Strong Winds play two works by Phillip Bimstein, both incorporating "found" sounds; the natural sounds used in "Half Moon At Checkerboard Mesa" and the very unnatural sounds of Las Vegas in the piece "Casino." That plus, music from David Byrne and Kyle Gann for this edition of New Sounds.

PROGRAM #2810, New Sounds Live – Phillip Bimstein (First aired on Friday, 6/06/08)





Kyle Gann

Custer And Sitting Bull

Custer’s Ghost To Sitting Bull [10:00]

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The Curiously Strong Winds

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 5-8-08

Phillip Bimstein: Half-Moon at Checkerboard Mesa [8:30]
Casino [14:00]

Both available on CD, see

David Byrne

Music for the Knee Plays

Tree [4:00]
The Sounds of Business [3:00]

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