New Keyboard Music

On this edition of New Sounds, listen to new music for keyboard from the likes of W.A. Mathieu, Rob Burger, and Elodie Lauten, among others. Mathieu -a pianist, composer, author, and teacher - was a disciple of North Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath for some 25 years, and collaborates with Hamza El Din. We’ll hear his work “In The Wind.” Also, from Elodie Lauten, we’ll hear one of her “Earth Works,” - the “Variations on the Orange Cycle,” an exploration of the experience of time and based on earth tones, the 24-hour tone. Plus, hear music from Rob Burger’s 2002 release “Lost Photograph” on which he makes various keyboards - accordion, pump organ, and toy pianos evoke tango and lounge, filtered through fire-escape strains of Latin music.

PROGRAM #2800, Keyboard Music (First aired on Thursday, 5-15-08)





David Borden

Earth Journeys

For Philip Glass [4:00]
For William Duckworth [6:30]

Private recording, not available. Borden’s site is

William Allaudin Mathieu

In The Wind

Quints [8:00]

Cold Mountain #009 Only available on LP or cassette:

Elodie Lauten

Piano Soundtracks

Variations on the Orange Cycle, excerpt [15:00]

4-Tay #4013

Rob Burger

Lost Photograph

Linguist from Latvia [3:00]

Tzadik #8180*

George Crumb

Complete Crumb Edition, Vol. 11

Otherworldly Resonances, Pt. 1 [8:00]

Bridge #9253** *