Electro-Chamber Music

Listen for works by composer/arranger Nico Muhly from his record "Speaks Volumes" on this New Sounds. Also, Dutch avant-pop composer Jacob TV's work for saxophone quartet and ghettoblaster, "Jesus Is Coming," featuring the taped sounds of a very angry evangelist in Times Square and a small Salvation Army choir. Also, the 1978 classic "John Somebody" (remember that guy?) by Scott Johnson, back when composing meant literally hand cutting & splicing tape, and fashioning loops, in the days before digital. And more.

PROGRAM #2797, Music with Tape and Electronics (First aired on Tuesday, 5-6-08)





Nico Muhly

Speaks Volumes

Pillaging Music [8:30]

Bedroom Community HVALUR1 www.bedroomcommunity.net OR www.nicomuhly.com

Scott Johnson

John Somebody

John Somebody, I, III, IV [22:00]

Nonesuch# 79133 www.nonesuch.com

Prism Quartet

Pitch Black – Music by Jacob TV

Billie [11:30]

Innova# 693

Nico Muhly

Speaks Volumes

It Goes Without Saying [5:00]

See above.