New Music For Trombones

According to Daniel Goode, "there is a very special modernist tradition of writing for multiples of a single instrument." To be sure, Goode, the composer-performer member of Gamelan Son of Lion, has taken this idea and expanded on it, writing for a "flexible orchestra" made of multiple trombones AND contrasting timbres of other, smaller, differing groupings. We'll hear his work, "Annbling," on this edition of New Sounds. We'll also listen to the "Mass for Massed Trombones" (77 of them!) by Wendy Mae Chambers, along with works by Steven Peters and Stuart Dempster, among others.

PROGRAM #2788, New Music for Trombone(s) (First aired on Friday, 4-11-08)





Idjah Hadidjah


Tonggeret, excerpt [1:30]

Nonesuch #79173*

Daniel Goode & The Flexible Orchestra

Live, 10/07, private tape

Annbling, excerpt [10:30]

Not commercially available. See for info.

Wendy Mae Chambers

A Mass for Mass Trombones

Sanctus [8:00]

Centaur #2263 OR info at

Steve Peters

The Webster Cycles

The Webster Cycles, excerpt [10:00]

Cold Blue #0026*

Stuart Dempster

In The Great Abbey of Clement VI

Standing Waves, excerpt [7:00]

New Albion #013*

Wendy Mae Chambers

A Mass for Mass Trombones

Introit [9:00]

See above.