Beyond Kronos

For this New Sounds program, hear music by other West Coast new music ensembles. The California EAR Unit plays works by Ann Millikan and Virko Baley. Millikan's music is packed with propellant polyrhythmic textures and draws on African and Brazilian music, along with jazz. Plus, the New Performance Group of the Cornish Institute plays Janice Giteck and the Paul Dresher Ensemble plays music by Paul Dresher, and more.

PROGRAM #2672, New Music from the West Coast (05/2/2007)





Kronos Quartet

White Man Sleeps

Kevin Volans: White Man Sleeps, #1 [1:30]

Nonesuch #79163

Ann Millikan

Featuring the California EAR Unit

Trens Coloridos Para Gabriela [5:30]

Innova #663

Janice Giteck

Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky

Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky, #1, 5, 6, 8 [12:00]

Mode #14

Paul Dresher Ensemble

NS Live, Merkin Hall, 3-6-97

Dresher: Violin Concerto (Cage Machine) [10:30]

This performance not available. Cage Machine appears on the New Albion CD of the same name, NA #125

Virko Baley


Parastas [4:30] Manao Tupapao [8:00]

Cambria #1090

Gamelan Pacifica

Trance Gong

Trance Gong, excerpt [4:00]

What Next #0016 Nonsequitur Foundation