#2770: Piano Workouts

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Considered both a percussion and a stringed instrument, and often part of the rhythm section, the piano can be responsible for many textures, depending on how it is struck, bowed, caressed, or danced upon. On this edition of New Sounds, we'll hear from Barcelona-based Francesco Tristano, who draws from both the all-night rave scene and his classical training, dancing, pounding on and processing the piano on his recording "Not For Piano." Plus, listen for the Bill Evans-meets-Messiaen stride Balkan stylings of Ionel Petroi. Also, more piano and piano-based works by Max Richter, Christopher O'Riley, Marco Benevento, and others.

PROGRAM #2770, New Music for Piano (First aired on Thursday, 2-21-08)





Francesco Tristano

Not for Piano

Strings of Life [6:30]

In Fine #1185 www.sunnysiderecords.com*

Christopher O’Riley

Hold Me To This: Music of Radiohead

Like Spinning Plates [3:30]

World Village #468034 ** www.worldvillagemusic.com*

Francesco Tristano

Not for Piano

Hello [4:30]

See above.

Ionel Petroi

The Music of Marrying And Burying

Music 7, 8, 9 [3:30]

Private CD. Info at web.mac.com/petroi

Kevin Keller

The Arrow’s Path

Precious Blood [4:30]

Private CD – www.kevinkeller.com

Max Richter


Embers [3:30]

BBC Recordings, may be out of print www.maxrichter.com

Max Richter

The Blue Notebooks

The Trees [6:00]

FatCat #13-04

Marco Benevento

Invisible Baby

Record Book [5:00]

Hyena #9346 ** www.hyenarecords.com*