The Sirens

Hear from Latvian composer Maija Eindelde, and her version of the "Isle of the Sirens" tale from Homer’s Odyssey. Next, there's music from British composer David Bedford, and his instrumental tour de force, "The Odyssey," From it, we'll hear the longest "panel" - "The Sirens" - which relies on a female choir. Plus, works from Laurel MacDonald, Bill Laswell, and others who have taken inspiration from the irresistible, alluring song of the mythological Greek Sirens.

PROGRAM #2763, Siren Songs: Music Inspired By Homer’s Odyssey (First aired on Monday, 2-4-08)





The Stranglers

La Folie

Golden Brown, excerpt [1:00]

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Laurel MacDonald

Luscinia’s Lullaby

Nenia Sirenes [5:00]

Improbable Music #04 *

Maija Eindelde

At The Edge of the Earth (Pie Zemes Talas)

Isle of the Sirens [6:30]

Latvijas Radio

Laurel MacDonald

Luscinia’s Lullaby

Sirenaria [6:30]

See above.

David Bedford

The Odyssey

The Sirens [10:00]

Virgin #2040
Reissued on CD in 1998

Britten/Bliss/Holst: Gustav Holst

Holst Singers & Orchestra

Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda; Hymn to the Dawn [3:00]

Hyperion #66175

Bill Laswell

Filmtracks 2000

Siren Song [3:30]

Tzadik #7511

Johnny Reinhardt & American Festival of Microtonal Music

The Odyssey

Ilium To Ismaros / Lotus Eater Island [3:30]
Sirens to Scylla and Charybdis [4:30] or download from

Bill Laswell

Filmstracks 2000

The Odyssey [2:00]

See above.