The Doctor Is In

Composer Nick Didkovsky, whose works range from his avant-rock band Doctor Nerve to electronically-altered chamber music, performs live music for laptop in the WNYC studio. Hear works from Didkovsky's most recent release, "Tube Mouth Bow String" on this New Sounds program. Plus, he composes two pieces for Doctor Nerve on-the-spot using a new version of his automated composition software.

PROGRAM # 2654, with Nick Didkovsky (First aired on Tuesday 3/20/07)





Nick Didkovsky

Tube Mouth Bow String

Just A Voice That Bothered Him, excerpt [1:00]

Pogus #21042*

Jenny Lin

The Eleventh Finger

Elliott Sharp: Suberebus [8:00]

Koch #7670**

Nick Didkovsky

Tube Mouth Bow String

She Closes Her Sister With Heavy Bones [6:30]

See above.


Music for laptop, various excerpts

For info on Didkovsky's music and software go to

Tube Mouth Bow String

What Sheep Herd, excerpt [12:00]

See above.

Various artists: Jodi Cave


Absent/Walking Backwards, excerpt [3:30]

12K #1039 *