New Releases January 2009

John Schaefer picks through the bucketloads of CDs that have flooded his office to find a sampling of new releases worthy of showcasing in tonight's New Sounds program. Look for some earthy-folky prog chamber rock music from the outfit called QQQ, made up of violin, viola, guitar and drums. Also, there's music from the Bad Plus, along with a new album of works performed by the Ethos Percussion Group. Plus, hopefully we'll sample interpretations of opera by reedman Gianluigi Trovesi that take the Rossini statement, "How wonderful opera would be if there were no singers," and riff entertainingly on all sorts of Italian warhorses (La Traviata, Tosca, L'orfeo, and more.)

PROGRAM # 2894, New Releases, January 2009 (First aired on Thurs. 1-29-09)





Gianluigi Trovesi All’Opera

Profumo di Violetta

Rossini – Largo Al Factotum, excerpt [1:30]

ECM 2068

John Martyn

Live At Leeds

I'd Rather Be The Devil [9:00]

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The Bad Plus (plus one – Wendy Lewis, vocals)

For All I Care

Ligeti: Fém (Etude # 8) Flaming Lips: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

Do the Math Records / Heads Up 3148

Gianluigi Trovesi All’Opera

Profumo di Violetta

La Gelosia Aspettando compar Alfio [5:00] Monteverdi: Toccata [1:30] Musa [1:30] Euridice [3:30]

ECM 2068

Andrew McKenna Lee

Gravity And Air

Scordatura Suite, Arabesqata [5:00]

New Amsterdam Records 013 www.newamsterdam

Ethos Percussion Group


Ibarra: These Tress That Speak [11:00] Hollenbeck: Ziggurat, excerpt [:30]

Bribie Recordings BR084 www.ethospercussion