New Sounds of the Lunar New Year

To celebrate Lunar New Year, we'll hear an assortment of works from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and other countries in the region that mark this annual holiday. Listen to works from David Mingyue Liang, Mei Han, Min Xiao-Fen, and much more. Happy Year of the Ox!

PROGRAM #2765, Music for Lunar New Year (First aired on Thursday, 2-7-08)





Min Xiao-Fen

Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night

Han Palace Autumn Moon [7:30]

Asphodel #0974***

The Music of Vietnam

Volume 1.1

Pham Yan Ty: Doc Con Xa [4:00]

Celestial Harmonies #19903 (3 CDs)*



Son of Praise To Altai and Changaj [5:00]

Dunya #8005, out of print, but try

Mei Han

Outside The Wall

John Oliver: Purple Lotus Bud [18:00]

Za #12

Korean Kayagum Music


Minsok P’unru [8:30]

King #5144 (Japanese label) Also released under World Music Library, and available on*

Tyler Ramsey

A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea

Chinese New Year [2:30]

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