This New Sounds offers music for an iron-smelting party alongside the ethereal breezes of bowed and rubbed percussion. Listen to music by Savage Aural Hotbed, the hottest dance band for the Orc prom in Middle Earth. These four players, with the monster chops of the Terminator doing Taiko drumming, cobble together instruments from wrecking yards, surplus stores, and the Home Depot. We'll hear music from their record "The Unified Pounding Theory." Also, there's music from So Percussion, SA Hotbed's musical brothers in arms. They similarly equip themselves with homemade hardware to keep the excitement in their beating. So Percussion shapes melodies by combining glockenspiel, toy piano, vibraphones, bowed marimba, melodica, tuned and prepared pipes, metals, a wayward ethernet port and programming for something completely trippy. Plus, there's music from Synergy, Frank Perry, and Fritz Hauser.

PROGRAM # 2637, "Drumworld" (First aired on 2/5/07)





Savage Aural Hotbed

The Unified Pounding Theory

Fortnight In Londrina [6:30]
Re-bar-imbau [4:30]

Innova #661 www.innova.mu

So Percussion

Amid The Noise

Work Slow Life [3:30]
Go [7:00]

Cantaloupe #21039 ** www.cantaloupemusic.com *



Takemitsu: Raintree [12:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13081 www.harmonies.com*

Frank Perry

Deep Peace

Deep Peace of the Flowing Air To You, excerpt [6:00]

Celestial Harmonies #14007 www.harmonies.com*

Friz Hauser


Ocean Two [5:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13275 www.harmonies.com*