New Americans: Central Europe

Listen to works by vocal gymnast Theo Bleckmann and composer Michael Hoenig (both are American-based musicians originally from Germany). Also, German chanteuse, actress, painter, and as of late, radio host Ute Lemper — along with something from guitarist vocalist, composer and orchestrator Leni Stern.

PROGRAM #2746, New Americans VII: Central Europe (First aired on Tuesday, 12/18/07)





Theo Bleckmann


Douce Dame Jolie [4:30]

Songlines #1534

Ute Lemper

Punishing Kiss

Streets of Berlin [4:00]

Decca #289 466 473***

Theo Bleckmann


Nova Scotia [9:00]

See above.

The Books

Lost And Safe

Vogt Dig for Kloppervok [4:00]

Tomlab #50***

Thought for Food

Thank You Branch [5:00]

Tomlab #20, see above.

Lost And Safe

It Never Changes To Stop [4:30]

See above.

Leni Stern

The Goddess

Excerpt [7:00]

Not commercially available.

Michael Hoenig

Departure From the Northern Wasteland

Departure From the Northern Wasteland, excerpt [9:00]

Kuckuck #079