"Extended" Chamber Music

New Sounds takes a broad view of chamber music on this program, where we’ll hear from the percussionist Susie Ibarra on kulintang (Filippino gongs related to Indonesian gamelan), as well as animal sounds recorded on the island of Bali, together with a string quartet. Also, there’s music from jazz guitarist Andy Summers (yes, the one from the Police) together with classical guitarist Ben Verdery, along with a piece for violin and guitar by Giancarlo Vulcano, Plus electronic audio art installation music from Steve Peters and music for prepared piano and trombone from the German composer Hauschka. And much more.

PROGRAM #2739, “Expanded Chamber Music” (First aired on Thursday, 11/30/07)





Susie Ibarra

Drum Sketches

#1 [3:00]

Innova #677 ** www.innova.mu*

Jay Cloidt

Spectral Evidence

Brazali [2:00]

MinMax #015 www.starkland.com

Andy Summers & Ben Verdery

First You Build a Cloud

First You Build a Could [4:30] Stonetown [3:30]

Rare Repertoire #1001 www.rarerepertoire.com *

Giancarlo Vulcano


Terra del Fuego [6:00]

Innova #688 www.innova.mu*


A Room To Expand

Chicago Morning [5:00] One Wish [5:00]

Fat Cat #CD 13 www.fat-cat.co.uk

Giancarlo Vulcano


Portrait of Arthur Rimbaud [9:30]

See above.

Jay Cloidt

Spectral Evidence

Terra del Fuego [6:00]
F-lick [1:00]

See above.

Steve Peters

Occasional Music

Unchained, excerpt [5:00]

Palace of Lights #0703 www.palaceoflights.com