Electroacoustic music

Listen for some electroacoustic music on this edition of the show by none other than So Percussion, the tube, block, and pipe-beating quartet of drummers, from their latest "Amid the Noise." Plus, hear a work from Martin Bresnick, his "Fantasia on a Theme by Willie Dixon." The marimba player on said recording, Jason Treuting, happens to be a founding member of So Percussion. Plus, music by computer music composer (and Radiohead inspirer) Paul Lansky. And more.

PROGRAM #2737, “Between Acoustic And Electronic” (First aired on Monday, 11/19/07)





So Percussion

Amid The Noise

Go [6:30]
July [3:30]

Cantaloupe #21039** www.cantaloupemusic.com*

Martin Bresnick

My Twentieth Century

Fantasia On A Theme By Willie Dixon [9:30]

New World #80635** www.newworldrecords.org *

Paul Lansky

Music Box

Chatter of Pins [11:30]

Bridge #9210 ** www.bridgerecords.com*

Ingram Marshall

Dark Waters

Dark Waters [17:00]

New Albion #112 www.newalbion.com *