Written for New Sounds Live, Irish composer Daniel Figgis’ “Post-Production” is his first major work in the United States and a world premiere. This work’s narrative can be interpreted as a bucolic meditation on the “cityscape,” whether it be New York City, Figgis’ Dublin, Sao Paolo, Beijing, or any other city. In fact, the work is number seven in a series of monumental site-specific events. Composed as a 23-section instrumental song cycle, and accompanied by video projections, “Post-Production” is performed by Figgis’ new ensemble featuring site-specific, re-processed pre-recordings, laptop, guitar, electric viola, flute, and Hammond organ. Hear most of "Post-Production" on this edition of New Sounds.

New Sounds Program #2012 with Daniel Figgis
Daniel Figgis on Soundcheck

PROGRAM #2619 NS Live @ WFC, "Post-Production" (aired 12/19/06)

Daniel Figgis*
NS Live, WFC Winter Garden, 11/15/06,
Broadcast edit by Daniel Figgis with the able assistance of Ross Kelly
"Post-Production" [51:00]
1 bells - wet and dry
2 please be me (David Jackson/DF) - an "imposition"
3 the gift horse
4 Mutiny ov Pumpkins
5 land's end
6 mummy creaking door
7 hammer&tongs
8 five foot under
9 ish-ish
10 the leaky faults
11 vorticist wife
12 white lie
13 nadir's tail
14 dimmer switch (DF/Linda Buckley/Keith O'Brien)
15 please knock
16 boohoo
17 downer hooks
18 paper
19 Sobstory
20 not cricket
21 unreliable reversible
22 Wound*
23 dust in the gut
This recording not commercially available. More information about the composer at www.danielfiggis.com


Daniel Figgis: tapes, live submix, percussion, Hammond organ
Keith O'Brien: electric guitar, laptop
Linda Buckley: flute, keyboard, laptop
Karen Dervan: 5 string electric viola

" chronological invisibles"

Timothy Keane: voice
Bih D'Inf: voice
David Jackson: saxophones, flute, percussion, acme siren, soundbeam
Rachel Nolan: bassoon
Arun Rao: cello
Vincent Doherty: fizzbass