A World in New York

From the New Sounds Live concert series, three great women’s voices in World Music – all based in New York. Listen to performances by Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet, via Queens), Susan McKeown (Ireland, via Manhattan), and Angelique Kidjo (Benin, via Brooklyn), recorded live at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden in the fall of 2006.

PROGRAM # 2609, From NS Live – the World in NY (First aired on 11/22/06)





Yungchen Lhamo

Live, World Financial Center Winter Garden, 11/1/06

Prayer for Peace [1:30]
Look Down to Earth [5:00]
Om [4:00]

Lhamo’s CDs are available online, check www.yungchen

Susan McKeown

Westron Wind [6:00]
Oro Mhile Gra [4:30]
She’s Leaving Home [6:30]
River [4:00]

McKeown’s CDs are available online and in stores. Info at www.susan

Angelique Kidjo

Bahia [3:00]
Malaika [4:00]
Afirika [4:00]

Kidjo‘s CDs are also readily available online in stores. Her website is ayemusic.free.fr