New Sounds lays down the new music remixes for this program. We'll hear from DJs and producers who have had at the music of composers like the New Yorker Steve Reich, Irishman Daniel Figgis, and Algerian native Cheb I Sabbah. Plus, Brazilian artist Cibelle re-renders music by the Kocani Orkestar, and a whole host of folks remix Handel’s Messiah.

PROGRAM # 2605, New Sounds Remixes (First aired on 11/14/06)





Kocani Orkestar

Alone at My Wedding

Alone at My Wedding [1:30]

Crammed Discs #craw25

Kocani Orkestar/Buscemi (remix)

Electric Gypsyland, Vol. 2

Alone at My Wedding

Crammed 37

Kocani Orkestar

L’Orient Est Rouge

Maxutu [1:30]

Crammed Discs #craw19

Kocani Orkestar/Cibelle (remix)

Electric Gypsyland, Vol. 2

Maxutu [4:00]

See above.

Daniel Figgis


Glimmerer, excerpt [1:30]

Black Burst #005, distr. by Rough Trade Info at

Various Artists: The Place of Willis

When It's Ajar: The Music of Daniel Figgis?

Seven Bells [3:30]

Spitroast Records no #

Daniel Figgis


The Please Front, excerpt [2:00]

See above.

Various Artists: Cathal Coughlin

When It's Ajar: The Music of Daniel Figgis?

Second City Bicycle Bounce [6:00]

See above.

Various artists

Messiah Remix

Tod Machover: Mixed Messiah [6:00]

Cantaloupe #21020***

Cheb I Sabbah

La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixes

Toura Toura: The Nav Deep Remix; DJ Sandeep Kumar

Six Degrees 657036

Philip Glass Remixed

Glass Cuts

Etude No. 2 [Luciano Supervielle] [2:30]

Orange Mountain Music 0023

Various Artists: Mantronik

Reich Remixed

Drumming, remix [2:30]

Nonesuch #79552**