25 Years and Counting

Laurie Anderson's unique and original "Big Science," a blend of smart sung-spoken lyrics and unsettling textures of music, came out of nowhere in 1982, with its skewed pop and minimalist themes teasing at the surreal and absurd. "The sounds of 'Big Science' are stark and asymmetrical, but they’re also often bizarrely hypnotic." (Pop Matters.com) And let's not forget the vocoder on Anderson's voice. Also, wouldn't you know it, it was September 3, 1982 that New Sounds first went on the air. For this New Sounds program, Laurie Anderson and John Schaefer celebrate the milestone together.

PROGRAM #2710 Laurie Anderson's "Big Science"
- the 25th Anniversary (First aired on Tuesday , 9/4/07)





Laurie Anderson

Big Science

Big Science [6:00]
O Superman (For Massenet) [8:00]
From the Air [4:30]
Walking & Falling {2:00]
Born, Never Asked [5:00]

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