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On this New Sounds program, we’ll hear some women’s voices in world music. Listen to performances by Angelique Kidjo, Yungchen Lhamo, Susan McKeown, and more. This time, “more” turns out to be a live in-studio performance by Indian sarod virtuoso and composer Amjad Ali Khan, two of his sons, Ayan, and Amman, and Samir Chatterjee on tabla. Don’t miss this edition of New Sounds for some bhajans and folk music of Eastern India.

PROGRAM # 2598 World Music, w/Amjad Ali Khan, live. (First aired on Tues. 10/26/06)





Angelique Kidjo


Adje Dada [4:00]

Columbia #89053***

Susan McKeown

Sweet Liberty

Oro Mhile Gra [4:30]

World Village 468029** *

Yungchen Lhamo

Coming Home

Per Rig Chog Sum [4:30]

Real World #45785***

DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Sri Durga

Kese Kese [3:00]

Six Degrees #1009 ** *

Amjad Ali Khan & Samir Chatterjee


2 Bhajans: Vaishnav Janato & Ram Dhun

Not commercially available, but Ali Khan’s most recent record, Moksha, is on Real World, or for extensive discography

Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Khan, Ayaan Ali Khan, Samir Shatterjee


Folk music from Assam and Bengal [7:00]

This performance not commercially available. See for info.

Amman Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash


Final Calling , excerpt [3:00]

Music Today #05128 OR