New Music Em Portugues

Experience Arabic Fado from Lebanese oud virtuoso Rabih Abou-Khalil for this New Sounds. It’s a triumph of an idea - Portuguese poems set to music performed by an international band and fronted by a young fado singer from Lisbon, Ricardo Ribeiro. In fact, the Guardian critic John L Walters, describes the feeling of drummer Jarrod Cagwin and French tuba phenomenon Michel Godard as a kind of heavy precious metal with a Moorish, Mediterranean flavour that invokes a Led Zeppelin twist. Also on the show, a haunting and rich vocal feast from New York singer Lucia Pulido’s latest "Waning Moon," rooted in traditional Colombian music, but infused with the aching sadness of Portuguese Fado. Plus, music from singer/composer Paolo Braganca, who fuses fado with chamber, rock and jazz, along with fado-folk music from Madredeus, and more.

PROGRAM #2848, Spanish & Portuguese Voices (First aired on Wed, 9-24-08)





Lucia Pulido

Luna Menguarte/ Waning Moon

Zafra De Entierro [5:00]

Adventure Music #1042

Susana Baca

Eco de Sombres

De Los Amores [5:00]

Luaka Bop #48912**

Virginia Rodrigues


Uma Historia De Ifa [4:00]

Hannibal #1448***

Rabih Abou-Khalil

Em Portugues

Casa de Mariquinhas [6:00]

ENJA #9520*



Guitarra [4:00]
Milagre [4:00]

Metro Blue #32636**

Cesaria Evora

Cabo Verde

Mar e Morada de Sodade [6:00]

Nonesuch #79450***

Cesaria Evora & Deep Forest


Cancera [4:00]

Limited CD single, Nonesuch #6513

Paolo Bragança


January Night, Full Moon [3:30]

Luaka Bop #36334 or other online sources

Rabih Abou-Khalil

Em Portugues

Quando Te Vejo Sorrir

See above.