New Music from Japan

This New Sounds offers a sampling of new music from Japan, with music for the koto (Japanese zither), biwa, Shomyo choir, and more. The young koto and shamisen virtuoso Yoko Reikano Kimura, plays Katsutoshi Nagasawa’s piece, The Pleiades. Also, there’s new music by Ushio Torikai, a large work called Sonbou no toki, for Buddhist Shomyo choir, and features a poem intoned over the chanting monks. Plus, hear solo koto music by Chieko Mori written in a new scale based on gagaku, ancient music of the Japanese imperial court.

PROGRAM # 2594, New Japanese Music for Traditional Instruments (First aired on Mon. 10/16/06)





Chieko Mori

Katyou Fuugetsu

Light Up [1:30]

Felmay #8111

Katsutoshi Nagasawa

Private CD, Kimura Yoko & Yuiko Tomita

The Pleiades [9:00]

Not commercially available.

Ushio Torikai

Sonbou No Toki

So-Eko [7:00]
Drill, excerpt [5:00]

Victor/JVC #563*
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Chieko Mori

Katyou Fuugetsu

Sky Travel [3:00]

See above.

Akemi Naito


Months-Spaceship for Zodiac, excerpt [12:00]

Bridge #9204 *

Chieko Mori

Katyou Fuugetsu

Midare [11:00]

See above.