#2695: Roger Marsh 's Pierrot Lunaire

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English composer Roger Marsh has taken the cycle of poems known as "Pierrot Lunaire" - originally set by Arnold Schoenberg in a controversial, landmark work in the early 20th century - and created a new, extended set of songs based on these fevered, surreal poems. On this New Sounds program, listen to Marsh's setting, featuring The Hilliard Ensemble, Red Byrd, Juice, and other performers.

PROGRAM #2695, Pierrot Lunaire - a new look (First aired on Tuesday, 7/3/07)





Arnold Schönberg

Pierrot Lunaire

Mondtrunken [1:30]

GM #2030 www.gmrecordings.com

Roger Marsh

Albert Giraud's Pierrot Lunaire

Théâtre [2:00] Arlequinade [2:00] Pierrot Polaire [3:00] Les Nuages [2:00] Lune Malade [8:30] Absinthe [2:00] Décollation [3:00] L’église [3:30] Départ de Pierrot [2:30] L'alphabet [2:00] La Lanterne [1:30] Souper sur l’eau [4:00] Cristal de Bohême [2:00]

NMC #127 www.nmcrec.co.uk

Kronos Quartet

Night Prayers

D. Yanov-Yanovsky: Lachrymosa [6:00]

Nonesuch #79346** www.nonesuch.com*