#2698: Cello Songs and Interludes

Beginning with Nick Drake's haunting "Cello Song," we'll move on to songs by Donna McKevitt and Arthur Russell on this New Sounds program. Also experience the striking eight-part harmonies of the Wulu Bunun people of Taiwan - with cello layers by David Darling. Plus, hear instrumentals by Erik Friedlander, Jamie Sieber, possibly some music from Sharp Wire, and more.

PROGRAM #2698, Cello Songs (First aired on Monday, 7/9/07)





Nick Drake

Way To Blue

Cello Song [4:00]

Island #196 524007 Also on "Five Leaves Left" & other compilations. ”Way to Blue” is available at Amazon.com* or download from iTunes

Erik Friedlander

Block Ice & Propane

Dream Song [6:30]

Skipstone #34642 www.erikfriedlander.com*

Arthur Russell

Another Thought

Another Thought [2:00]

Orange Mountain Music #0027 www.orangemountainmusic.com

Dick Jarman & Donna McKevitt


No Dragons Will Spring From These Circles [3:30]

Teldec #22500 CD out of print, but music available online at I-Tunes Music Store

Maya Beiser

Almost Human

Falling [8:30]

Koch #7686 ** www.kochentertainment.com

Caroline Lavelle

Brilliant Midnight

Siamant'o [7:00]

Teldec #84637 www.carolinelavelle.com

David Darling & The Wulu Bunun

Mudanin Kata

Lugu Lugu Kan-Ibi [2:30]

Riverboat #1032

Sharp Wire

Adam's Apple

Return To Eden [10:00]

SharpWire no # www.pmwmusic.com
For CDs, write to admin@pmwmusic.com

Jami Sieber

Hidden Sky

A Common Music, excerpt [2:00]

www.jamisieber.com www.cdbaby.com