#2698: Cello Songs and Interludes

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Beginning with Nick Drake's haunting "Cello Song," we'll move on to songs by Donna McKevitt and Arthur Russell on this New Sounds program. Also experience the striking eight-part harmonies of the Wulu Bunun people of Taiwan - with cello layers by David Darling. Plus, hear instrumentals by Erik Friedlander, Jamie Sieber, possibly some music from Sharp Wire, and more.

PROGRAM #2698, Cello Songs (First aired on Monday, 7/9/07)





Nick Drake

Way To Blue

Cello Song [4:00]

Island #196 524007 Also on "Five Leaves Left" & other compilations. ”Way to Blue” is available at Amazon.com* or download from iTunes

Erik Friedlander

Block Ice & Propane

Dream Song [6:30]

Skipstone #34642 www.erikfriedlander.com*

Arthur Russell

Another Thought

Another Thought [2:00]

Orange Mountain Music #0027 www.orangemountainmusic.com

Dick Jarman & Donna McKevitt


No Dragons Will Spring From These Circles [3:30]

Teldec #22500 CD out of print, but music available online at I-Tunes Music Store

Maya Beiser

Almost Human

Falling [8:30]

Koch #7686 ** www.kochentertainment.com

Caroline Lavelle

Brilliant Midnight

Siamant'o [7:00]

Teldec #84637 www.carolinelavelle.com

David Darling & The Wulu Bunun

Mudanin Kata

Lugu Lugu Kan-Ibi [2:30]

Riverboat #1032

Sharp Wire

Adam's Apple

Return To Eden [10:00]

SharpWire no # www.pmwmusic.com
For CDs, write to admin@pmwmusic.com

Jami Sieber

Hidden Sky

A Common Music, excerpt [2:00]

www.jamisieber.com www.cdbaby.com