#2845: Inadvertent Songs

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Be careful what you say – it could wind up as lyrics to a song. Just ask Donald Rumsfeld, Miss Teen USA, President Bush, and the anonymous posters on Craigslist, all of whom found their way into songs. For this New Sounds, hear Donald Rumsfeld's words as lifted from various Pentagon briefings, and skillfully set by Phil Kline - about the looting in Iraq, known unknowns and near-perfect clarity. Also, listen to Ted Hearne's "Katrina Ballads," where "Brownie, You're Doin' a Heck of a Job," the infamous sentence spoken by George W. Bush, gets cut up and delivered in a rapid-fire repeating staccato. Not to be outdone, Sam Sadigursky's "Miss Teen USA" - is a setting of 2007 pageant contender Miss South Carolina's answer to "Recent polls have shown 1/5 of Americans can’t locate America on a world map. Why do you think this is?" to like, such as - music. Plus, Gabriel Kahane's "Craigslistlieder," yes, based on unedited posts from Craigslist.org. And more!

PROGRAM # 2845, Inadvertent Songs (First aired on 9-16-08)





Gabriel Kahane


YouLookedSexy, excerpt [1:00]

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Ted Hearne

Katrina Ballads

Dennis Hastert [3:30]
Hardy Jackson [4:30]
Brownie You’re Doing a Heckuva Job [2:30]

New Amsterdam Records,
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One Ring Zero

Live at Barbes

MC [2:00]

Barbes Records BR0019

Phil Kline

Zippo Songs

Three Rumsfeld Songs: As We Know [2:00]
That Many Vases [1:30]
Near-Perfect Clarity [1:30]

Cantaloupe Records 21019

Gabriel Kahane


Two Years [2:30]
ForTradeAsslessChaps [1:00]
YouLookedSexy [1:00]

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Sam Sadigursky

Words Project II

Miss Teen U.S.A. [6:30]

New Amsterdam Records www.newamsterdam-

Paul De Marinis

Music as a Second Language

Fonetica Francese [4:00]

Lovely Music 3011

Corey Dargel

Other People’s Love Songs

my voice is in your head [3:00]

New Amsterdam Records 010 www.newamsterdam-