New Music from North Africa

On this New Sounds program, listen to works from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt, featuring Les Musiciens de Nil. Plus, hear excerpts from the The Rough Guide's compilation "North African Cafe," featuring artists from Algeria's legendary Maurice El Medioni to French-Tunisian oud master, Smadj. Plus, live performances from the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and more.

PROGRAM #2697, A North African Sampler (First aired on Friday, 7/6/07)





Various artists: Akli-D

The Rough Guide to North African Café

Barman [4:30]

Rough Guide/World Music Network #1187 ** www.worldmusic.netalso available at

Various artists:El Tanbura

Sar-A-Lay [4:00]

Various artists:Abdel Gadir Salim

Lemon Bara [5:00]

Rabbi Haim Louk & Arab-Andalusian Orchestra of Fez

Live, Fes Festival, Morocco, 6-28-00

Ya Moulana [10:00]

Not commercially available. Check with Hatikvah Music in LA for recordings of Rabbi Louk: or (213-655-7083)

Various Artists: Sahabat Akkiraz & Orient Expressions

Les Orientales

The Rough Guide to North African Café

Ben Melamet Hirkasini Guydim [3:30]

See above.

Wayak [6:30]

See above.

Various artists: Musa Dieng Kala

Under the Moroccan Sky: Fes Festival, Vol III

West African Sufi Songs [6:00]

Sounds True #00122

Sheikh Yacine Al Tuhamy

Traditional Maddah Music of Upper Egypt [6:00]