New Music for the Concert Hall

The Warp Record label’s glitch-tronica and the avant brow-furrowing sounds of contemporary musical heavyweights lock horns in a symphonic smack-down for this New Sounds. From a recent two-disc compilation of concert recordings by the London Sinfonietta - Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters - we’ll hear arrangements of electronic music by Aphex Twin, paired with prepared piano music by John Cage. Now, the London Sinfonietta is not the first group to take on arrangements of music by Aphex Twin (Richard D. James.) This so-called Intelligent Dance Music has also been tackled recently by the new music band Alarm Will Sound, who eagerly exploited this intersection of classical and electronic music on “Acoustica.” Although the London Sinfonietta’s sound is a bit more stripped down, it is still just as engaging and subversive. Plus, music by John Adams and Steven Mackey.

PROGRAM # 2592, New Music for the Concert Hall (First aired on Tues. 10/10/06)





London Sinfonietta

Warp Works And Twentieth Century Masters

Aphex Twin: Prepared Piano Piece 1& 2 [4:30]
John Cage: Sonata XII, from Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano [2:30]
Aphex Twin: Polygon Window [6:00]

Warp #144 *

John Adams

The Dharma At Big Sur / My Father Knew Charles Ives

The Dharma At Big Sur [26:00]

Nonesuch #79857 ***

Steven Mackey

Heavy Light

Ritual, excerpt [11:00]

New World #80615** www.newworld