#2693: Site-Specific Music

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Listen to works inspired by and made for specific locations, including flutist Paul Horn's historic recording in the Taj Mahal, and Robert Fripp's soundscapes for the World Financial Center. Plus, Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting In A Room," which actually uses a room's natural resonance to produce the music over time as the initial utterance decays, and Paul Winter's new recording in the alpine valley of Crestone, Colorado.

PROGRAM #2693, Site-Specific Music (First aired on Thursday, 6/28/07)





Paul Winter Consort


Whooper Dance [4:00]

Living Music #41 ** www.livingmusic.com

Paul Horn

Inside the Taj Mahal

Inside [3:30]

Kuckuck #11062 www.harmonies.com *

Robert Fripp

Love Cannot Bear

Requiem - Affirming [10:00]

Discipline Global Mobile #0552 www.dgmlive.com/shop.htm

Alvin Lucier

I Am Sitting In A Room

Edited version [16:00]

Lovely Music #1013 www.lovely.com OR Available for purchase at Amazon.com**

LaMonte Young

The Well-Tuned Piano

The Magic Harmonic Rainforest Chord, excerpt [12:30]

Gramavision #8701 Out of print. Info at www.lamonteyoung.com