Electronic Music

Irish composer Linda Buckley summons both electronic and acoustic forces and her works to date have used organ and multi-channel tape, prepared piano and Javanese Gamelan, among others. We'll hear some of her music written for the theatre on this New Sounds program. Plus, Madison, Wisconsin-based composer Gregory Taylor marries the Javanese slendro scale and synthesizers, sampling, looping and processing to create some incredibly textured and layered clouds of gamelan music and glitch-ambience. There's also music from Norway's Arve Henriksen, Seattle's K. Leimer, and more.

PROGRAM #2689, Electronic Music (First aired on Tuesday, 6/19/07)





K. Leimer

The Useless Lesson

To force closed our eyes, excerpt [1:30]

Palace of Lights #0701 www.palaceoflights.com*

Arve Henriksen


Ascent [5:30]

Rune Grammafon #2061 www.runegrammofon.com *

Gregory Taylor

Amalgam: Aluminum / Hydrogen

Gulu [8:00]

Palace of Lights #0702 www.palaceoflights.com*

K. Leimer

The Useless Lesson

Long After Dowland [16:30]

See above.

Arve Henriksen


Green Water [5:00]

See above.

Linda Buckley

Theatre Work, private recording

In the beginning there was [5:30]

Not commercially available. Info at www.lindabuckley.org

Various Artists: Fonica


4:55 [6:00]

12K #1025 www.12K.com