#2831: “Electric” Music

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For this New Sounds, hear some works that make use of the actual sounds of electricity, whether man-made or naturally occurring. Christine Southworth uses the sounds of a Van Der Graaf Generator and two Tesla Coils in her collection called “Zap!” Also, Annie Gosfield and Terry Riley look at the charged sounds made beyond the earth’s atmosphere. And Johanna Beyer, an overlooked figure from the 1930s, is represented by a celestial work for early electric instruments.

PROGRAM # 2831, “Electric Music” (First aired on Tuesday, August 12, 2008)





Christine Southworth


Power Off [8:00] Attraction [5:30]


Terry Riley/Kronos Quartet

Live, Zankel Hall, 11-16-03

Sun Rings, excerpt [5:00]

Not yet commercially recorded.

Annie Gosfield

Lost Signals & Drifting Satellites

Lost Signals & Drifting Satellites, excerpt [5:00]

Tzadik #8007**

Various Artists: Johanna M Beyer

Women In Electronic Music -1977

Music of the Spheres [6:00]

CRI #728
Now reissued by New World Records #80653 www.newworldrecords.org

Guy Klucevsek

Free-Range Accordion

Lois V. Vierk: Blue Jets Red Sprites, excerpt [6:00]

Starkland #209 www.starkland.com

David First

Dave’s Waves

Closet Earth, excerpt [3:00]

Ants #ant09
Available at www.cdemusic.org.
Info at: www.myspace.com/