#2626: Preaching to the Choir

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The only show that could ever reach you, would be the one built around the voice of preachers. And that's what we'll hear on this episode of New Sounds. There's Steve Reich's classic "It's Gonna Rain," when he stumbled upon the out-of-sync patterns created with two cheap tape recorders, playing back the voice of a preacher man. Also, hear a work by Matthew Patton - "Speaking in Tongues" - composed for the Paul Taylor Dance Company, which takes as its model the voices of charismatic ministers from Southern Pentecostal churches who spontaneously erupt into soliloquies of unintelligible, language-like stutterances. Plus, listen to "American Standard"by John Adams, along with David Byrne & Brian Eno's "Help Me Somebody."

PROGRAM # 2626, Preaching to the Choir - music with Preacher's voices
(First aired on 1/8/07)





Brian Eno & David Byrne

My Life In the Bush of Ghosts

Help Me Somebody [4:30]

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Chris Becker

Saints & Devils

The Preacher And The Devil [3:30]


Matthew Patton

Speaking In Tongues

Loomings [4:00]
The Rain City [7:30]
Death And Gone [3:00]

Marquis Classics #139. Out of print, but try auction sites.

John Adams


Christian Zeal And Activity [10:00]

Earbox 10 CD set
Nonesuch #79435 www.nonesuch.com*

Chris Becker

Saints & Devils

Tupelo [5:00]

See above.

Steve Reich


It's Gonna Rain Pt. 1 [8:00]

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