Much Ado About Water

What would there be without water? For this New Sounds, there'll be concert works aplenty about - and even using - water. Hear a piece from Karen Tanaka, called "Water And Stone" which draws on her love of nature and concern for the environment. Also, there's Tan Dun's work, "Water Passion" which actually incorporates the sound of water, and water stones (specified to have been taken from a river or the ocean.) Plus, music from Uakti, whose instruments are made of glass, wood, metal, water, PVC pipe tubes, and other found objects; one such instrument is the "aqualung," which is played by running water through it. We'll hear music from their release "I Ching." And much more.

PROGRAM # 2825, “Water Music” (First aired on Mon. 7-21-08)





Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest

Water Drums I [1:00]

Hannibal / Rykodisc #1378

Tan Dun

Water Passion

Water And Resurrection [10:00]

Sony Classical #89927 ** *


I Ching

Water [2:30]

Point #442-037 out of print, but try* or E-bay

Stephan Micus

Wings Over Water

V, excerpt

ECM 3638

Chen Yi /Karen Tanaka

Invisible Curve

Tanaka: Water And Stone [9:30]

New World #80683*

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno

The Essential Fripp & Eno

Wind On Water [5:00]

Caroline #1886 **

John Adams

Shaker Loops / Light Over Water

Light Over Water III [12:00]

New Albion #014** *