Globetrotting Electro-acoustica

Up on this New Sounds, electro-acoustic music from Japan, Austria, Ireland, and the U.S. Listen to an unusual work by London-based Pete M. Wyer, called “Four Bridges.” Recorded at four different locations in India, America Germany, and UK, musicians play from the same time-coded score, which specifies what kind of improvising to do and how long to do it. Then, in a most unusual weave, Wyer pieced these acoustic recordings together as a tape work. Also, we’ll hear from Irish composer Linda Buckley, Austrian sound artist Bernhard Fleischmann, Brooklyn-based pianist Marco Benevento, and Ryuichi Sakamoto as well.

PROGRAM # 2821, Electroacoustic Music (First aired on Fri. 7-11-08)





Pete Wyer

Private CD

4 Bridges, excerpt [6:00]

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Linda Buckley

Private CD

Libera Me [12:00]

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Bernhard Fleischmann

Private CD

Take A Day off [4:30]

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Marco Benevento

Invisible Baby

Are You The Favorite Person of Anybody [7:00]

Hyena #9364 **

Dorit Chrysler

Private CD

Jackapple [6:00]

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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto


Uoon No. 1 [14:00]

Raster-Noton CDR050C