Unusual Lead Instruments

For this New Sounds, hear from a parade of instruments you might never have expected to be front and center. Listen to music from composer and sound artist John Morton, whose manually and electronically reconfigured music boxes are pulled apart, sampled and then finished off with layers of toy pianos and mbiras. Plus the musical duo from Basle, Stimmhorn, puts old alpenhorns to new use, with a radical deconstruction of traditional Alpine music: yodelling, accordions, overtone singing and alpenhorn blowing. There’s also music for up to 8 harps, on Robert Moran’s “Ten Miles High Over Albania." New music for oud as the lead with piano and bass by Yitzhak Tedid rounds out the show.

PROGRAM # 2822, Unusual “Lead” Instruments (First aired on Tue. 7-15-08)





Garth Knox


Malor Me Bat [9:00]

ECM #1925**
www.ecmrecords.com *

John Morton

Solo Traveler

Teetines [5:00]

Innova #665
www.innova.mu *

Robert Moran

Glass Moran Cage

10 Miles High Over Albania [15:00]

MFE #11352 Out of print. Another version of the piece was released on the Argo label (Amazon.com*) which is also out of print. Take heart, the piece is available for download at www.classicalarchives.com



Inland [6:30]

recrec make w11 Available thru Available thru www.recrec-shop.ch
Info at www.stimmhorn.ch

Yitzhak Yedid

Oud Bass Piano Trio

4th Movement [7:30]

Between The Lines #71218 www.challengerecords.com *



Seikilos [1:00]

recrec make w16
See above.