Solo Strings

On this New Sounds, hear some solo works for plucked and hammered strings by the likes of pianists Eleanor Sandresky and Robin Holcomb, and avant-garde harpist Hélène Breschand. Paris-based Breschand is a creative harpist from the new-music end of things, though she’s also a member of several improvising ensembles. "Le goût du sel" is her first solo album as a leader where she finds a place between written music and risk-taking improvisation. Also, Eleanor Sandresky is a self-titled “Choreographic Pianist,” stemming from her idea of the concert-as-theatre. Her work, “A Sleeper’s Notebook,” which we’ll hear parts of tonight, is a cycle based on kinds of sleep, both rapid eye movement and dream states. The live experience of this piece intertwines music and dance, while exploring the connections between sound and how one creates it physically at the piano. Plus, there’s also the fragile solo piano pieces of Robin Holcomb and more.

PROGRAM #2568, solo works for piano or harp (First aired on Wed. 7/12/06)

Robin Holcomb John Brown's Body Pretty Ozu [1:30] Tzadik #7716** *
Wayne Horvitz/Robin Holcomb Solos Before The Comet Comes [13:00] Songlines #1550** *
Eleanor Sandresky A Sleeper's Notebook REM 1 [20:00] One Soul #2004.10.25 *
Sorrel Doris Hays Plays the Piano Music of Henry Cowell Aeolian Harp [2:30] Town Hall #48. *
Helene Breschand Le gout du sel Salome [3:30] D'autres cordes #081 *
Victoria Jordanova Outer Circles Le Campane, excerpt [6:30] Innova #614. *