New Releases June 2008

It's that time of the month again for the new releases show on New Sounds. Although, given the redirecting of the mail because we are relocating to Varick Street, the boatloads and bins were not as deep as they usually are. Anyhow, for this program, John Schaefer carefully sorts through the new CDs which have come across his desk over the past month to present some of the choice cuts.

PROGRAM # 2818 New Releases, June 2008 (First aired on Monday 6/30/08)





Various Artists Peter Gabriel, Marta Sebestyen, Natacha Atlas, et al

Big Blue Ball

Rivers [5:30]
Habibe [7:00]

Real World #USCDRW 150**

The Horse Flies

Until The Ocean

Cluck Old Hen [5:00]

Pest Control #0010 *

Christine Fellows


Let Us Have Done With The Umbrella of Contagion [2:30]
Poor Robin [3:00]

Six Shooter #034 *

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen

The Opiates, Revised

Yonderhead [8:00]

Samadhi Sound #013 **

Chen Yi & Karen Tanaka

Invisible Curve

Tanaka: Frozen Horizon [8:30]

New World #80683**

Thanos Chyrsakis, Dario Bernal Villegas, Oli Mayne


Opiophobia [6:00]

Aural Terrains #0202