The Eno Connection

Brian Eno, who rose to prominence as the boa-modeling, liberally rouged keyboardist for '70s glam band Roxy Music, has long experimented with dismantled pop structures and toyed with sound, credited by some as having invented "ambient" music. Eno is also a world-class producer, ranging from the Talking Heads to U2 and everything inbetween, tangential to, or within an orbiting earshot. On this New Sounds, we’ll hear Eno’s audio landscapes, as both a producer - featuring his sound sculpting skills on Paul Simon’s latest record, “Surprise,” Robert Fripp’s Exposure, and a release from a star-studded EP by Fovea Hex – and as a solo artist in his own right with his latest release, “Another Day On Earth.”

PROGRAM # 2556, The Eno Connection (First aired on Wed., 6/7/06)





Brian Eno, et al

Music For Films III

Theme From “Creation” [1:30]

Opal/Warner Bros. #25769, Try* or download from

Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal – The Laurie Anderson Anthology

Speak My Language [9:00]

Rhino #76648 **

David Byrne & Brian Eno

My Life In The Bush of Ghosts

Very Very Hungry [3:30]

Nonesuch #79894***

Paul Simon


Another Galaxy [5:00]

Warner Bros #49982***

John Hassell & Brian Eno

Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics

Delta Rain Dream [3:30]

EG/Caroline #7 Available at*

Robert Fripp (w/Peter Gabriel)


Water Music I / Here Comes The Flood [5:30]

Discipline Global Mobile #0602 **

Fovea Hex

Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent : Two

Huge [7:00]

Die Stadt #86**
* OR try

Brian Eno

Another Day On Earth

How Many Worlds [5:00]
Just Another Day [4:30]

Opal HNDD1475 Available at or download from

Harold Budd

The Pavilion Of Dreams

Madrigals of the Rose Angel, excerpt [5:00]

EG #30 Available at*