Almost Jazz

For this New Sounds program, listen to some idiosyncratic almost-jazz from America, Australia, and beyond, including some new music by the Catholics. Led by Lloyd Swanton, the bass player for the instrumental trio The Necks, The Catholics are a jazz-leaning outfit, who on their latest, “Gondola,” combine jazz with influences from African, Eastern and Caribbean music with a little bit of atmospherics. Also, hear selections from “My Ears Are Bent,” the latest release from accordionist/keyboard player Ted Reichman, who has finally returned from a nomadic existence to choose New York as his home. The name of the record comes from a collection of writings and observations on New York City by Joseph Mitchell, and Reichman’s record aims to do the same, using music as the medium. And as always, much more.

PROGRAM # 2555, Almost Jazz (First aired on Tues., 6/6/06)





The Necks

Drive By

Excerpt [1:30]


The Catholics


Palomino [10:30]

Rufus #072

Ted Reichman

My Ears Are Bent

Peace Father [4:30]
My Ears Are Bent [7:30]

Skirl #002***

Ben Monder


Echolalia [8:00]

Sunnyside #114 ***

Orange Then Blue

While You Were Out…

Three Reels And An Air [9:00]

GM #3028*

Vijay Iyer & Rudresh Mahanthappa

Raw Materials

Remembrance [4:30]

Savoy Jazz #17603***