Yeah, They’re All Women. So?

Schaefer stacks the decks on New Sounds with new music from vocal pioneer Meredith Monk, featuring a work from her latest, "Impermanence." There's also music from 2 Foot Yard, a trio that includes violinist/songwriter Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.) Plus, hear incredible guitar compositions from Kaki King, whose fingerstyle-meets-folky-shoegaze genre sets the bar for a new era of guitaristry. Music from Sussan Deyhim rounds out the show.

PROGRAM # 2813, Yeah, they’re all women. So? (First aired on Thursday 6/12/08)





Meredith Monk


Particular Dance [5:00]

ECM #2026 **

Phantom Orchard


Inquisitive Fingers [6:00]

Tzadik #7718 ***

2 Foot Yard

Borrowed Arms

Borrowed Arms [5:00]

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Kaki King

Until We Felt Red

First Brain [3:30]

Velour #0604*

2 Foot Yard

Borrowed Arms

Chapter IV [4:30]

See above.

Kaki King

Everybody Loves You

Close Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames [3:00]

Velour #0302*

2 Foot Yard

Borrowed arms

Hold My Own [4:30]

See above.

Sussan Deyhim

Madman of God

Gereyley [6:00]

Crammed Discs #22*

Pauline Oliveros

St. George And The Dragon

In Memoriam Mr. Whitney, excerpt [8:00]

Mode #40