Guitar Hero

No, not the game. Rather, Glenn Jones plays live music in our studio on guitar, in a style reminiscent of the late American guitar master John Fahey. Jones, an intimate guitarist coming from the American primitive guitar school, (for “primitive,” think raw and pure, rather than in relation to the over-produced pop which dominates most radio) is a member of the avant-rock band Cul de Sac, and has just released his second solo CD, Against Which the Sea Continually Beats. Plus, music by John Fahey.

PROGRAM #2664, with Glenn Jones, live (First aired on Thursday, 4/12/07)





John Fahey

The Best of John Fahey, Vol. 2, 1964-1988

The Approaching of the Disco Void, excerpt [2:00]

Takoma #8916. *

Glenn Jones


Barbecue Bob in Fishtown [4:00]
David and the Phoenix [7:30]
Richard Nixon Orchid [3:30]
Freedom Raga [11:00]
Keep It A Hundred Years [2:30]

The first and last of these works are not yet recorded. The rest appear on the album “Against Which the Sea Continually Beats,” Strange Attractors #046. *

John Fahey

Voice of the Turtle

A Raga Called Pat, Pt III, excerpt [5:00]

Takoma #6501. *