Harmonic Presence

Vocalist, composer, and overtone-singing pioneer David Hykes joins us on this New Sounds to preview new works for harmonic singing. Hykes has a long immersion in Eastern and Western sacred music, cosmology, and yogas of sound. He was the first westerner to connect deeply with the "throat-singing" traditions of Mongolia, Tuva and Tibet, and employ overtones which govern all spatial and mathematical relationships. And as always, much more.

PROGRAM # 2606, with David Hykes (First aired on 11/15/06)





David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir

Harmonic Worlds

Harmonic Worlds #7 in Mode 3 [8:00] #3 in Mode 31 [6:00]

CD available at www.harmonicworld.com

Live, WFC, 11/20/02

The Breath of the Lord, excerpt [3:30]

A CD version, “Le Souffle du Seigneur,” is available from www.harmonicworld.com

Harmonic Worlds

Harmonic Worlds #1 in Mode 6 [12:00]

See above.

Arvo Pärt

Tabula Rasa

Fratres, excerpt [8:00]

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