Indigenous Shrinking World

For this New Sounds, sample some music whose instrumentation, tuning, and blend of styles reflects the collision of East and West, old and new, composed and improvised. This "indigenous music for a shrinking world" includes music by Ken Schaphorst, this time in a trio setting, from his release Indigenous Technology, which layers rich textures of cello, piano, and marimba. Plus, there’s music by Steven Mackey, whose work “Indigenous Instruments,” sounds like folk music from an invented world, what with the microtones, extended techniques and unusual sounds. And more.

PROGRAM # 2536, Indigenous Music of Imaginary Places (First aired on Tuesday, April 18, 2006)





Penguin Café Orchestra


Broadcasting From Home

Music For A Found Harmonium [3:30]

EG #38

Music From the Penguin Café

From the Colonies [1:30]

EG #27

Broadcasting From Home

Another One From the Colonies [3:30]

See above.

Ken Schaphorst

Indigenous Technology

Shades of Bronze [5:30]
Mbira [9:00]

Accurate #5049 ** *

Steven Mackey

Heavy Light

Indigenous Instruments [17:00]

New World #80615 ** *

Lois Svard

With And Without Memory

Wm. Duckworth: Imaginary Dances #1,2 [4:30]

Lovely Music #3051