The Irish New Music "Scene"

For this New Sounds, we'll take a look at the Irish new music scene, with composers Daniel Figgis and Roger Doyle. Doyle is a former jazz-rock drummer, and writes electro-acoustic and electronic music. Multi-instrumentalist Daniel Figgis is a former member of Virgin Prunes, and an ambient electronic composer of multi-media works, most recently, "Post-Production," as heard on the New Sounds Live concert series. On March 16 & 17, 2008, Figgis is curating a festival of new works by contemporary Irish composers at the World Financial Center, focusing on works created with emerging audio technologies, and featuring over a dozen artists, including Roger Doyle, Brian O hUigin and the world premiere commission of Daniel Figgis' "PHOTO-FINISH (with shortcuts.)"

PROGRAM #2776, New Irish Music (First aired on Friday, 3-14-08)





Daniel Figgis


The Please Front [3:30]

Black Burst #005, distr. by Rough Trade
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Roger Doyle

Baby Grand

Baby Grand [4:00]

Available at BVHAAST OR
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Daniel Figgis

Private tapes

Timothy Cream’s Crown of Wines [4:30]

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Brian O’Huiggin


Balintore Fancy [3:30] is under construction. No further information.

Richard G. Evans

Private recording

Grindlewald’s Wedding [5:00]

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General Practise

Private recording

Keith’s Solo [4:00]


Garvilla-Audio Tong

Centurion [6:00]
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Deep Burial

Black Music

Glue Rag Lung [5:30]

The Green Time Ensemble

Private recording

Under the Green Time [4:00]

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Vincent Doherty

Private recording

Obelisk [3:00]

No further information.



G’s Last Day [4:00]

Cycling c74-012 OR

Various Artists: Roger Doyle

When It's Ajar: The Music of Daniel Figgis?

Float Tank [6:00]

Spitroast Records no #