New Early Music

Sample some new music for lutes, baroque guitars, and other early instruments on this New Sounds program. Paul O’Dette plays his improvisation on the 16th century Spanish “Galiarda,” from the NY Guitar Festival Marathon concert. Rolf Lislevand reinterprets 17th century Italian music as a kind of modern world music on the album “Nuove Musiche.” And lute player Jos van Wissem returns to the WNYC studio with guitarist Gary Lucas for a set of live music.

PROGRAM # 2523, New Music for Lutes (First aired on 3/16/06)





Rolf Lislevand

Nuove Musiche

Arpeggiata addio [7:30]

ECM #1922** *

Red Byrd

Songs Of Love And Death

John Paul Jones: So Elle Encina

Factory #336. Out of print.

Gary Lucas & Jozef van Wissem


Down the Rabbit Hole/Ineluctable Modality [6:00]
When The Levees Break [4:00]
Walk in the Bluefields [5:00]

Not yet commercially available. These artists have two cds on the BVHaast label from the Netherlands ( ). Info at or

Jozef van Wissem


Tijuana Round [2:30]

See above.

Gary Lucas & Jozef van Wissem

The Universe of Absence

New Worlds From Old [5:00]

BVHaast #0105

Paul O’Dette

NY Guitar Festival Marathon, 1/15/06, 92 St Y

Improvisation on a Galliarda [3:00]

Not available, but O’Dette has many CDs available, mostly on Harmonia Mundi.