New Music from the UK

Hear some new music from the UK on this New Sounds program. There’s work from the innovative composer Graham Fitkin, inspired by a character from the Hitchcock film “North by Northwest.” In this work, “Kaplan,” Fitkin explores new territory with how the work is scored for - two synthesizers and film - and approaches the sound world of ambient music - shifting tonal centers to create extraordinary and imaginative sound tapestries. We’ll also listen to excerpts from the ambient epic by Gavin Bryars, his “The Sinking Of The Titanic,” a piece that mixes string instruments, spoken-word fragments, distant percussion, and reverberated drones. Bryars intended for it to sound like if the melody that the musicians were playing simply kept on going even after they had been swallowed by the sea. That and a piece by Orlando Gough called “Drowning, Parts 1& 3.”

PROGRAM # 2620, New Music from England (First aired on 12/21/06)





Graham Fitkin


K1 [15:30]

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Various artists: Orlando Gough

Century XXI UK: Volume 1, A-M

Drowning, Part 2 [3:30],
Part 3 [3:00]

NewTone #6750.
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Gavin Bryars

The Sinking Of The Titanic

Excerpt [17:00]

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Howard Skempton


Well Well Cornelius [3:00]
The Durham Strike [4:00]

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