New American Gamelan

This New Sounds brings new American music for Indonesian gamelan. Hear music for Gamelan Son of Lion, written by composer, accordionist and improviser, Pauline Oliveros, who amps up the speed range for gamelan with the works “Lion’s Eye” and “Lion’s Tale.” Plus, there’s new work by ethnomusicologist-turned-composer Barbara Benary, the co-founder and guiding spirit of Gamelan Son of Lion. Her CD, “Sun on Snow,” is a collection of works "combining sonic elements of Indonesia's elusive paradise with darker undercurrents that are decidedly more hellish" ( Benary pits gamelan against clarinets and keyboard percussion in something like a mixed marriage where neither partner attempts to convert the other. That, and much more.

PROGRAM # 2617, American Gamelan Music (First aired on 12/12/06)





Barbara Benary

Sun On Snow

Plainsong [7:30]

New World #80646***

Patrick Grant

Fields Amaze

Fields Amaze [8:30]

Strange Music #001*

Pauline Oliveros

Lion’s Eye

Lion’s Eye, excerpt [15:00]

Deep Listening #282006*

Paul Dresher

Casa Vecchia

Other Fire [11:30]

Starkland #209*

Gamelan Pacifica

Trance Gong

Trance Gong, excerpt [5:00]

WhatNext #016 Nonsequitur Foundation
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