Gotham - a Filmic Symphony

On this New Sounds, Listen to Michael Gordon’s “Gotham,” a filmic symphony in collaboration with filmmaker Bill Morrison. “Gotham,” brought to life by the team at the Ridge Theatre who put together Gordon’s 2001 multi-media experience “Decasia,” is structured along the Decasia model with the city of New York as its subject and star. The live concert version incorporates projections (including an opening sequence with a sheep), re-edited archival film, multi-tiered sets, and musicians who sometimes seem actually to inhabit the projected environment. For this program, these two artists discuss their ongoing collaboration of new music and old decaying silent film prints.

PROGRAM #2506 w/Michael Gordon & Bill Morrison (aired Thursday 2/2/06)





Michael Gordon

Private recording

Gotham 3 [7:30]
Gotham 1 [10:30]

Not yet commercially recorded.

Michael Gordon

Light Is Calling

Light Is Calling [7:00]

Nonesuch #79801***

Michael Gordon

Private recording

Gotham 2 [7:00]

See above.

Daniel Lanois


Sketches [4:30]
Flametop Green [2:30]
Todos Santos [4:00]

Anti #86767